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Stroke Basic Minigolf: Lowest Score at End Wins
Skins 2 or More Players: Person with lowest score on each hole gets a point, if there's a tie, point is carried over and added until someone does win. Most skins at end of game wins.
Match 2 Players only: Same as above, only No points are carried over if a hole is tied, Person with most total points at the end wins.
Speed Timed Minigolf: Fastest Overall Time Wins
Coinz Get as many Coinz as possible, 1000 Bonus Points for winner of the hole. Once in hole, all other players have 3 shots to get in the cup or lose all their points on that hole. Highest total of Coinz in the end wins.
War - (Online Only) 2 or More Players: Knock Your Opponent in the cup to win. If you hit yourself in the cup, you lose, Get a point for each hole won. Most victories at the end wins
Tournament  (Offline Only) 1 Player Only: Compete to Improve your player's stats, playing all the courses to unlock any new characters or courses you may have not already. Must come in top 3 of the tourney to get something. Basic Mini Golf Rules Apply.

To Play These Modes Offline You Must select "Hard Difficulty" in the Putt Around Menu.

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