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They can help or Hurt you.You can hold 3 at a time.

Activate by hitting the spacebar, Select one by hitting TAB until it highlights the one you wish to use. Once used, another one can be picked up!



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1 Pop Up Use to Pop Over something, Activate just before the object you want to jump over
2 Shield Defensive Use: Use just before ball stops rolling: Opponents will Bounce off you when they hit you, no penalties, lasts 1 turn...

Offensive Use: You can also use this to move a player out of your way by activating it during your shot and it'll push someone blocking you out of the way

3 Lightning Shield Defensive Use Only: Use during your shot, once your ball stops, it will leave an electric shield around the ball to protect you. If hit by an opponent, he will get zapped and take a penalty, and then your shield goes away. Shield lasts 1 turn if not hit.
4 Force This Online Only Powerup will pull you toward the cup when your close enough while moving, Use only when your near the hole and still moving, its not 100% perfect, so it wont guarantee it going in the cup.
5 Oil Activate While your moving to leave a trail of slick oil for your opponent to slip on! Beware! You can slip on your own oil!
6 Goo Will get you and/or your opponent stuck. Use while your moving to leave a goo trail. But Beware, you can get stuck in your own goo!
7 Flame Activate just before you make contact with an enemy, if you make contact, it will burn him and send him back to the start. If you miss him, you lose the powerup.
8 Explosion  Activate when your near an opponent to blow them away and maybe give them a penalty stroke! It explodes when you make contact with another player, or when your ball stops. It will explode no matter where you are near a player or not.
9 Freeze! An Online Only Powerup that will stop your ball in its place when used when ball is in motion during your turn.


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